Membership in Saranagati (SVHI)

SARANAGATI VILLAGE HOLDINGS INC, (SVHI), a British Columbia company with 60 shares / home sites

Procedures for membership from SVHI Bylaws (3.2)

a)  Any aspiring Vaisnava of good character is welcome to fill out the SVHI Application for Membership Form and submit it along with a personal letter of introduction to the SVHI Secretary.

b)  $125 application fee (not refundable), payable to SVHI must accompany the application.

c)  Upon receipt of the application, the applicant’s references will be checked. A certified criminal record check must accompany the application. The Board of Directors will also do a CPO check.

d)  Once this has been done, the Secretary will schedule an introductory meeting date to allow the applicant to interact with other current Shareholders.

e)  The Shareholders will be notified through the Minutes that an application for membership has been submitted, the applicant’s letter of introduction and the scheduled date for the meeting with the applicant will be published at that time. It is each Shareholders responsibility to get to know or inquire about new applicants.

f)  If there are five written objections to an application, membership will not be approved.

g)  An applicant whose request for membership has been denied may submit an appeal to the board of directors. The directors will appoint a mediator to manage the appeal. If there are still five written objections after 2 months of appeal, then the appeal may be called to a vote by the shareholders. An acceptance for the appeal will require 2/3% acceptance of all ballots received from shareholders.

h)  If there are less than five written objections to an application then that application will be considered approved. Approved membership will automatically expire after three years from the date of approval if the applicant has not purchased a share. Membership due to expire can be extended for an additional two years by submitting a “letter of intention” to the Board of Directors for their approval.

Applications can take more than a year to complete.

Commentary: Best to visit the community before starting this process.

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